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Study abroad (exchange)

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences has an extensive partner network.


  • have more than 300 partner universities worldwide;
  • receive ca. 500 incoming exchange students per year;
  • send ca. 500 students on an exchange abroad annually.

When to go on exchange?

  • If you are a full-time student at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences you can go on exchange abroad for 1 or 2 semesters.
  • Your study programme decides if you are eligible and if you will be selected to participate in an exchange programme abroad at a university selected by your study programme.

Earning credits

Once you have completed your exchange abroad and earned the right number of credits (ECTS), your study period will be counted towards your Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences degree and you will receive full academic recognition.

Together with the partner universities we have made agreements on the curriculum, credits (ECTS) and payment of tuition fees. For this reason, it is often not possible to choose just any university abroad.


Practical matters


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