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Jitske Kramer

TED talk

Inclusion is a hot topic. It is about who is allowed to participate in what, who is allowed to contribute input on which topics and who is allowed a say in decision-making. And who are not. In other words: it is about boundaries, leadership, power, privileges, conflicts, emotions, curiosity, differences and similarities. Collaborations fail because of different organization cultures. Decisions are less good because not all insights are heard. People are excluded because of their race, religion, age of sexual orientation. Inclusive leadership is one of the biggest challenges of our time.

In Jam Cultures, you will learn to see inclusion as a jam session, where you come together with courage and connection. Everyone dares to make their own voice heard, to create a better whole together, in constant harmonization. Separate yet together. With strong boundaries and loving attention. Tough and loving at the same time.

About Jitske Kramer

Jitske Kramer travels all over the world to learn from traditional healers, leaders, surprising innovators and random passers-by. She looks at the world and at organizations through the eyes of an anthropologist. Cultural anthropology is the discipline that asks what it means to be a human among humans in organizations and beyond. She brought Deep Democracy to the Netherlands in 2012 and she now works with a team of instructors to provide Deep Democracy training courses. She is always looking for ways to build strong tribes and reinforce the relationships between people. And then she brings that knowledge back to the world of organizing, cooperation and leadership through challenging keynotes and master classes. To improve the strength and results of individuals and groups (and to make the world a more beautiful place). She trains people, so that we never have to have meetings again. She takes you along in narratives that create space for new ways of seeing and new ways of dealing. Gradually, what is familiar becomes strange. And what is strange becomes familiar.

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