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Frequently asked questions

Your fellow students also provide us with feedback. The questions that are asked the most are shown below.

Please note: do you have to log in everytime you open the app? And do you see Hint when your login succeeds? Then you're using the FM-app and you're not a Facility Management student. Please uninstall this app and download the app by Rotterdam UAS for Android or iOS.

We expect to have the new version available to you in April 2020. In this new version we are working on a web version of the information you get in the app. See (login) for all announcements about new versions and what they contain.

Yes, you can! Just tap the course you don't want to see anymore in your calendar and tap the option to hide it.  

This is one of the most requested features. We're working hard to make this happen. But the supplier for Osiris has to make some changes before we can send you notifications. We're working with them to make this happen, but we don't know yet when this will be done. To be continued.

No, we won't add a full email client to the app. This is a choice from us: we don't want to have to create a seperate mail app within the app by RUAS, while you already have a mail app on your phone. We are working on showing your mails and directing you to webmail. For now, you can already synchronize your email with your default mail app with this manual for Android or iOS (login).   

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