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Your fellow students also provide us with feedback. The questions that are asked the most are shown below.

Download the app by Rotterdam UAS for Android or iOS.

We expect to have the new version available to you in July 2020. In this new version we are working on the web view for registrations and progress. Furthermore, you will be able to register for exams and resits through the app. Last but not least, we're working on push notifications for new results. Finally! See (login) for all announcements about new versions and what they contain.

Yes, you can! Just tap the course you don't want to see anymore in your calendar and tap the option to hide it.  

This is one of the most requested features. The supplier for Osiris made some changes so we're now working on implementing the push notifications. Hopefully we can make this happen very soon!

Yes you can! From now on you can add your mail to the app and You only have to grant permission to Microsoft to read your mails. We won't add a full email client to the app. This is a choice from us: we don't want to have to create a seperate mail app within My RUAS, while you already have a mail app on your phone. You can already synchronize your email with your default mail app with this manual for Android or iOS (login).   

Probably you're using Safari on an iPhone and you set the browser to only work in private mode. In this case, your browser isn't allowed to tell the app that you're logged in. That's why you're getting this error. Set up Safari to not only work in private mode and you can log in (again).   

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