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Rotterdam Business School

Business study programmes in Rotterdam

Rotterdam Business School (RBS) is the international business school of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.


At Rotterdam Business School we constantly challenge our surroundings – by educating, developing, growing and adjusting to the ever-changing face of the business world. As alumni you already are part of this very innovative, 21st century taught and skilled community. 

Therefore, we would like to offer you various services to celebrate your lifelong bond and intellectual investment. As a RBS alumna / alumnus, you are entitled to the below services, benefits and perks. 

  • Regional chapters & associations

    Rotterdam Business School is global, so are our Alumni, Staff and Students alike. Through setting up regional chapters, we believe in expanding our professional, business, social and cross-cultural reach abroad.

  • Contact us

    Do you have a fresh idea? Missing your lecturers? Sharing your thoughts? Updating your contact details? Becoming part of the alumni community? There are numerous reasons, times and ways to reach us! Try these and let us know how you feel.

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