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Study programmes Logistics Engineering and Logistics Management both at one location

10 June 2021

As of September 2021, the Bachelor programmes Logistics Management (LM), School of Built Environment, and Logistics Engineering (LEN), Rotterdam Mainport Institute, will both be housed at Lloydstraat 35.

The reason for the move is the ambition of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS), as the largest national provider of higher education, to firmly position the logistics domain with increased synergy in Rotterdam, for the students and for the city and region.

In the coming years RUAS will work vigorously on strengthening the logistics study programmes and is joining forces with the STC Group to that end. Housing the Bachelor study programmes at a single location is an important first step in this regard. Rotterdam and the Port of Rotterdam, Europe's largest seaport, is the logistics centre of the Netherlands and is therefore in need of clearly recognisable and high-quality logistics training. The labour market demand for logistics professionals is expected to remain strong for the next years, while the number of higher education graduates from logistics programmes is declining.

Temporary location

It is a phased project. The first step, as of 1 September 2021, is to accommodate the Bachelor study programmes at one location, Lloydstraat 35. To intensify internal and mutual contacts and to enable logistics training to be provided in close proximity. This location offers the study programmes plenty of space to realise this. The housing on Lloydstraat 35 is temporary. The intention is to house logistics education at Lloydstraat 300 from September 2022 onwards.

In the coming academic year, the joint ambition of positioning and designing education for the logistics sector will be further developed in collaboration with lecturers, students, professors, and the professional field. 

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