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Fake news and disinformation training

07 March 2023

Not all information you come across while scrolling through news and social media is equally reliable. You may also encounter fake news, especially on social media. Therefore the ability to critically assess information has become increasingly important.

The library developed an information page and a wikiwijs training about fake news and disinformation.

In the training you'll learn how to distinguish different types of fake news and what the dangers of fake news are. For example, what's the difference between disinformation, malinformation and misinformation? And why is it that misinformation seems to spread faster than correct information?

With the step-by-step plan presented in this training you can recognize fake news faster; it's important to not not only research sources and evidence, but also critically assess your own filter bubble and confirmation bias.

The training consists of 6 modules. Each module contains explanations and sometimes a short video. There are also links to background information. With short quizzes you can test if you have understood the explanation.


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