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Ready? Set... Go START!

Print and digital sources soon available in the Study and Research Tool
24 June 2019

In 2016 the library introduced WorldCat for searching our online resources. Now we will take the next step and include all our books and magazines in this worldwide catalogue as well . This has several advantages.

What is going to happen?

in the new college year
  1. A new library system

    In college year 2019/2020 you can find (almost) all our items, both print and digital, in one catalogue system. The existing library catalogue will therefore be shut down. This is because the new system will also let you make reservations and review your borrowed books.

  2. A new name: START

    START stands for STudy And Research Tool: the starting point for all your literature research. You can go there by means of

  3. New possibilities

    Making reservations and direct access to online resources was already possible and that will remain that way. Apart from that you'll also get the following options:

      Request books and articles from other libraries, directly from the catalogue.
      Display e-book versions alongside "normal" text books. You can open these directly.
      Save search results in lists in your account. You can share these with others.
      Support for smartphones and tablets.

Experience the new library system in september!

Frequently Asked Questions

The existing library catalogue will be retired on the 19th of July. Instead of that you will be able to find books and magazines in START. You can also reserve and renew items there.

All borrowed books will be transfered to the new system en lend out to you again. After the summer vacation you can return your books or renew them, just like before.

Until the 19th of July you can place holds in the existing catalogue system. After that date all reservations will be removed. They will not be transfered. You can place holds again in START when it's available later.

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