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Strategic course of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

The WORKplan describes our common values and agreements: offering high-quality, inclusive education that has a strong link to the practice and to applied research. How education will take shape is the responsibility of the study programme teams. The teams decide for themselves the direction, implementation, and organisation of education.

An introduction

  • Our WORKplan includes an approach with as goal maximum direction for study programme teams of organisation, development, and implementation of education;
  • We are giving the study programme teams all the space and responsibility to use their professional brain power in order to realise the best possible education;
  • Getting started with new working methods, other principles of responsibility and manners of collaboration to fulfil our vision;
  • Our WORKplan describes an approach stimulating a gradual change, and guiding the transitional process by means of eight HUBS;
  • In this way we will learn from each step that we take and we will work toward being an organisation that is capable of responding to the challenges that are upon us, including a structure that will help us do so.


Our approach for futureproof education

The WORKplan is the development of Our Agenda, the strategic agenda of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.


The approach has come about based on input from the advisory groups ‘Our Agenda’, consisting of lecturers, managers, Professors, and supporting staff. They discussed issues such as organisation, professionalism, leadership development, clear game rules, internationalisation, New Business and ICT in education (Technology of education theory). On authority of the Executive Board external advisors Winnie Sorgdrager and Farid Tabarki have concentrated on the school’s development tasks. Their advice, that of internal and external stakeholders of the school, and the advisory groups ‘Our Agenda’ is all part of this WORKplan.


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